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remote workforce placement & Management

Remote workforces are efficient but challenging to manage.  We can help.

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As a member of the “working remote before it was cool” crew, Novvum has a unique expertise on how to grow and manage remote workforces.  Whether you need support in building out a reliable remote workforce or have an unwieldy offshore team that needs proper management, we’re here to help.
+ Reduce technical team costs
+ Increase dev team productivity
+ Fill team positions easily
+ Satisfy short term & long term pains
+ Tightly control management practices
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What we do

Our Workforce support team helps two types of clients: businesses looking to lower costs by employing remote personnel and companies who have an existing remote workforce but are seeing a productivity dip in performance.  In both cases, our teams can help source and place team members on your team as well as aid in the management duties of getting a team performing at its peak.